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Xhequt | Red Alerts and /me adjustments - Server Suggestion


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Racer’s Edge Command
Jan 11, 2021
Username: Xhequt

Please enter a title Red Alerts and /me adjustments

Type of Suggestion Server Suggestion

Describe the suggestion When hunting, you will occasionally get an alert in red in the top right for about 2 seconds. This disappears and is gone forever, and is extremely easy to miss if you are not honed into that little section of the screen. This usually results in missing key information as to whether the bait was not strong enough, no animal took the bait, etc.

I'm not sure if other alerts work the same way with other jobs/activities. My suggestion would be to do one or more of the following:

- Have the alert make a chime sound
- Have the alert remain visible for a longer time
- Move the alert to the chat/status dialogue (press T to see if you missed an alert)

For the /me suggestion, when I play as a new character, people can meta that I'm playing them when I use a /me. I'm sure this carries over to anyone wearing a mask that doesn't want to reveal who they are when using /me commands.

I know people aren't supposed to meta like that, or when names are revealed when giving/receiving items, but you can't avoid seeing it which is slightly immersion breaking.

I suggest removing the Steam name when people do /me. The connection ID would be fine, in case people need to report inappropriate /me chats.

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