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House Compensation


New member
Nov 26, 2019
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PlayerID: RedFlash

In-Game name: Mark Delarosa

Date of the issue: 12/02; 20:00 (Time zone: ETT | UTC +2)

Hello, i want a compensate for my house, actually want to refund. I bought it for 190k in Los Santos. The issues, because i want refund of my money are the following:
1. I can't remove the sign for "Sale" in front of my house.
2. There was no preview of the house interior, so i couldn't be able to known, that it's not passing with the garden and the garage. Also, it's not passing with the house outdoors look at all.
3. The house is empty. I spend a lot of time in searching for a furniture shop, but it's seems, that it doesn't exist.
4. There's no information about the housing system anywhere... After i found the issues, i started searching for an info. I was surprised, because there's no information in the Forum, Discord or In-game.
5. This is a little one, but also the garage system it's not satisfied.

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