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Mikey TwoTimez - Mechanic Application

Mikey TwoTimez

New member
Dec 2, 2019
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Characters Name:
Mikey TwoTimez

DOB: (Real age please):

DOB: (Roleplay age please):

Phone Number: (IN Game Number):

Discord name (With #****):

Why do you wish to be a Mechanic? (Min 50 char):
Since a kid i've always loved cars and motorsports. I'm hoping to become a mechanic to help people with everything from modding to repairs. Also looking to get a job so I don't have to keep robbing stores and (hopefully) leave my criminal past behind.

What experience do you have playing as an Mechanic?
None at the moment but I am a very quick learner.

Tell us about your character (min 200 words):
Mikey used to be a race car driver but had to stop due to an accident that no longer allows him to race professionally. Based on his previous racing experience he has a good knowledge of cars, but just needs a bit of hands on experience with them in order to master his art of paint jobs, engine mods, aerodynamics, suspension, etc.

He has had a rough past full of criminal activities and has moved to the city in hopes of starting a new life. Mikey has been brought back into the criminal underworld in the short time that he has been in the city, getting arrested for multiple robberies, murder, etc.

Mikey is hoping to get a stable job to keep him busy by helping out fellow TP citizens with tuning, modifications and repairs whenever needed. Mikey is in the Eastern Standard time zone and should be available at peak times for North American players (and for everyone else who stays up late).

As the city is getting busier, it should be a lot easier for Mikey to keep out of trouble by serving any citizens who call him with friendly and immediate service. Thank you for your consideration.

Are you part of any other FiveM server?
Negative, only TwitchParadise.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Mikey TwoTimez
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