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Dweller Beyond#1709 | Update to Prison Life - Server Suggestion

Dweller Beyond#1709

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Oct 2, 2021
Username: Dweller Beyond#1709

Please enter a title Update to Prison Life

Type of Suggestion Server Suggestion

Describe the suggestion I think that the prison needs an update. Would be great to see some of the following added.

Ability to gather materials (some already know how) and craft special prison items such as a make shift knife. We could have a hidden location inside where these items could be crafted in secret away from the guards.

Ability to purchase or barter for different items with an NPC like cigarettes, drugs, information that you could use once your outside of prison like a new robbery or something? I feel like what better place to learn about something illegal than in prison filled with other criminals who know how to break the law.

Maybe you could do the special thing we can do elsewhere in the world and "bully" an NPC into giving us something from their pockets (drugs, weapon, food, cigs).

I would love to see the aggressive NPCs come back. In prison it should be scary and you should get in fights where the NPCs actually fight back. This isn't Timmys play land after all... its Prison. We need prison riots.

A working Grandma where you can be treated for your wounds with out having to make pill box employees travel all the way north because you got beat up by Bubba.

New ways to escape jail with same requirements of need LEOs on duty.

In Jail drugs.

Ways to smuggle items inside of jail to your gang members (within reason).

Working visitor center.

LEOs or wardens that cops can play as and when they know there are crims in jail they can come and make them work and make the prison feel more alive. This is would be freaking awesome! Shouldn't feel like a ghost town when you go to prison.

New tasks to get out earlier beyond the two that we already have.

I bet as a community there are other opinions and suggestions too, lets load them up in this thread!

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May 19, 2021
I like a lot of these ideas tbh.

We do have the visiting center with what we have, its just people are supposed to ring 311/911 if they wanna use visitation but nobody does. We did also have DOC but it never really went anywhere, it felt for the most part that people were rejecting that RP, like they didn't wanna be in prison, they just wanted to grind down their time and get out ASAP as opposed to talking to the guards or warden and role-playing doing good behaviour to get time off, and we noticed that if that wasn't the case, people straight dipped from city once they're sentence because they wanted to grind off the time later.

When we had the old tasks, we had like 4 I think? And people complained that there were too many tasks to do, like go here clean this do that run all the way back to the yard. A lot of people grind down time to try and instantly get a phone, but then nothing happens?

In terms of jail breaks, they don't happen often, they seem like a once a month thing lately? If there were multiple ways to break into and out of prison, I feel like there would be prison break outs every other day../every day

As for the NPCs, they were recently changed because every single NPC that spawns into prison would aggro to you, meaning If you had 180 months, for 3 hours you're fighting locals back to back to back because you can't get any tasks done.. if we add that back, its gonna get chaotic and less people will want to be in prison.

Honestly, I'd love to see some more roleplay within the prison, people treat prison as a one stop shop to put on music/watch YouTube and streams and grind down time, or where you have multiple people from different gangs etc in prison, and they're all running around doing tasks not talking to anyone else or each other.. I do agree though, the prison does need some love for sure!


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Aug 15, 2021
I like these ideas!

Some QoL updates to prison would be nice for those who would like to stick around for the RP. I feel like if implemented some would like to have their name tied to being in prison all the time.

Like ToxicBigFoot said, there's really only one thing to do when you get into prison now, and that's really just to grind your time down or stand around and wait (if you're alone).

I've done a few long sentences where I worked the entire time from the moment I get in, only to get a phone when the sentence is almost over - So at that point breaking out of prison is pretty much useless when you have a short amount of time left. I feel maybe it could be looked into to where you can get a phone more easily, or maybe add it to a list of things you can craft while inside prison.
Few things that would be interesting to craft:
+Prison shivs - self explanatory
+Cell phones - contact to outside, leading to more prison breakouts potentially
+Lockpicks - gets you through some locked doors/gates but not the main ones to escape
+Bandages - rip up some old t-shirts from the laundry for some cloth to make a makeshift bandage. could help with the 'prison riots', if they were to return.

Think some other different things could be added to the different parts in the prison as well.
+Change the prison kitchen area to commissary based items that you can spend your money on. Still keeping the prison "slop", we can be able to create it ourselves behind the serving area for free, kind of like how the restaurants in city are operating.
+A few secret storage locations to hide items that you create. Leave them for someone else, maybe they could use a few things you're going to leave behind! Could be vents on the wall, under benches, in cracked walls, etc.
+Have a very long, secret process to break out of jail from the inside. Police would get an alert to certain steps so that they know something might happen.

Would be quite a bit of work, but just throwing ideas out! Feel like if some changes were to happen like that I would personally like to rack up a couple hundred months every so often to do prison RP.