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Maia Harlow


Apr 13, 2021
Maia Harlow was born to two lovely people, kind and virtuous, but grew up poor. Her father was vice President of the Hell's Angels. At a young age she began finding new ways to make money, but this lead her down a dark path. One day she was looking through the mail, and found a letter from the bank. Her parents had 30 days to pay $350,000 or they would lose their home. Maia had heard of a loan shark, from the bar she was currently working at. She had her friend set up a meeting wit Titan. Titan was very well dressed, but smelled of sickly sweet, cheap cologne. He seemed well mannered, but something in his eyes told Maia he was anything, but a good man. Titan was known for his morbid tactics of getting his payments back from people who couldn't pay, but she was desperate. She took the loan from him.

She tried to pay him back, but it seemed nothing was enough. She was working 3 jobs, never getting any rest, but she finally knew it was a losing game. She went into hiding for a long time, wearing disguises and such. When they finally caught her, they held her inside of what looked like a boiler room, but she was in a large cage. They didn't feed her anything for 3 days, and only gave her enough water to survive. On the night of the 4th day, they came to her cell, and shackled her. They took her into a large room with furnaces and such. There were a lot of people forming a giant circle. They took her into the middle of the circle and she realized there was a lot of glass, barbed wire, and blood on the ground. The men in the crowd were cheering louder as they brought in a man, the same way they had brought her in.
They proceeded to explain to her and the man, that in order to be clear of debt, they would have to end the life of the other person. As realization hit her and the man, the man swiftly reached down and picked up a large shard of glass. The man lunged forward, Maia didn't move fast enough and the man sliced her face next to her left eye. Maia winced, and held her face for a moment, she quickly grabbed a shard of her own. The man ran at her, but she didn't want to kill him. Instead she made a fist with her empty hand, and punched him in the stomach as he was coming towards her. The man lost his breath for a moment, but then continued to come at her, with a quick lunge the serrated glass sliced her lip down to her chin. She let out a pained cry, but never lost focus on the man. The room as filled with loud screaming, and cheering from the crowd, but in that moment the world was silent to her. The room was spinning, she knew she was losing too much blood. She felt defeated. The man lunged at her for the last time, she miscalculated, and the glass the man was holding went through her left cheek. At that moment, she plunged the shard of glass she was holding, into the stomach of the other fighter. The man let out a horrible sound, and hit the ground. as he did the barbed wire on the ground entangled in his clothing, slicing his skin. She fell to her knees, and apologized as the man faded away. Within the blink of an eye, she passed out as well.

When she awoke, she was in a hospital room. She sprung up into a seated position, and the first thing she noticed was a large flower arrangement on the table in the corner of the room. She slowly limped out of bed, and shuffled to the table. She found a card on the flowers. "You're family will be taken care of, but you may never show your face again. You have 24 hours to leave. -Titan" She swallowed the pain in her throat, and shuffled to get her clothes on. She quietly snuck from her room, and out of the hospital. She saw a bike, leaning against a wall behind the hospital and took it. She peddled for 3 days, until she finally saw the sign "Welcome to Los Santos".
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