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Real_Ice3413#2125 | Weapon Scratch - Server Issue


New member
Aug 13, 2022
Please type your issue: Weapon Scratch

Please select the type of issue: Server Issue

Has this been reported before? No

What is your CID? IIO27674

Describe the issue: So I believe this was brought up as an issue but in a different scenario and different result. I believe the issue stated that if you had a scratched on your person you had issues with scratching additional weapons or something of that nature. The issue I had was that I had a weapon that was not scratched on me and was attempting to scratch another of the same type. So I had a registered Colt on my hotbar, I had an additional Colt that I was attempting to scratch. instead of scratching the one I had combined the tool with it actually picked the one in my hotbar and scratched it removing all bullets from the weapon and returning it to the hotbar. So the bug Im reporting is that when you attempt to scratch a weapon with the same type of weapon in your inventory it picks whichever one no matter which one you "combined" with.. If needed I believe I can take a screenshot or do a VOD to show what happens with multiple weapons in inventory of the same type.